AVOID using PecPads......

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AVOID using PecPads......

I'm new to having to clean a sensor on a 1500.00 digital camera. I had to clean my sensor for a gig this past weekend for the first time since buying it in April. I went to Canoga Camera and bought the Eclipse cleaning solution and they recommended Sensor Swab over Pec Pads - so I bought those instead of the Pec Pads. The Eclipse cleaning solution box actually had 12 free Pec Pads in it so I tried them first and had HORRIBLE results. Worse than when I started (this is using a cut up credit card and wrapping and taping a pad to the end of it).

Just so I don't get flamed by people that use Pec Pads : If you have done this with Pec Pads and had great sucess, good for you and keep doing what you are doing

To all you newer people that notice you have a dirty senso and have NEVER cleaned a sensor beforer, I suggest using the Sensor Swabs. Both products are made from the same company http://www.photosol.com and both are good. However, the Pec Pads left a lot of loose particles on my sensor that I could not remove. The Sensor Swab have a long thick plastic tube (think straw) with a special pad on the end ready to use. I cut a little off from each side so that it perfectly fixs the 10D sensor.

Further more - from the Photographic Solutions web site:

PEC*PAD is not recommended for cleaning the CCD. It is not the same material used in the Sensor Swabs. PSI does not approve or warranty the CCD or any camera part from any damage caused by using non approved products.

I've had much better results using Sensor Swabs vs Pec Pads.

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