Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

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virgil1612 wrote:

I just bought the X-T100 and I decided that my future Fuji body, whenever it comes (for me) will have IBIS. I wonder if Fuji will put IBIS in the X-T4 or IBIS will used exclusively in the X-H bodies. What do you say?

to have separate and different series of cameras. Just like cars. 4 wheel drive is a useful thing - some people do not need it and do not want to pay more.

It is very likely that X-H1 will get all the "bells and whistles" and some more that X-T3 now has. And then there is the camera that has everything - and the price is higher.

X-T3 will be smaller and a bit cheaper. People who use OIS lenses do not really need IBIS - of course it is nice to have.

There is no commercial wisdom in producing cameras that are all a like.  If Ibis is engineered/squeezed  to X-T3 body and the size can not get bigger the price of the X-T4 camera will be even higher than the price of X-H2.

Fuji has clearly three or four different  camera lines for "advanced amateurs" or pros. 1    )X- pro series with a different viewfinder ( that camera can get IBIS)

2) range finder style smaller X-E  series that gets smaller every time - if they want to keep it small and light and cheaper there is no room for IBIS

3) X-T series has everything but IBIS and it stays compact ...

4) X-H series  stays as the IBIS model, slightly bigger and aimed  for a special group who uses especially prime lenses - or like to have a bigger body.

Fujifilm wants to sell lenses and cameras - there is no point in creating basically just one model that has everything and also a steep price.

There are several types and models of customers with different needs and budgets.

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