Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

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Re: Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

kli wrote:

Correction. Can do HSS with the AD200 ...

Update: AD200 firmware v2.2 will now let the AD200 do TTL and HSS with an XPro-P.

To upgrade, you will need a Windows box, the G2 firmware upgrade application (also available at the same download link), and the AD200 v2.2 firmware downloads.

Both downloads on the Godox webset are in .rar format, and need to be unarchived (7Zip works, if you don't have something that an handle RAR). Each .rar file holds both a documentation PDF and the installer or firmware file.

You'll need a micro USB cable and a Windows box.  Use the micro USB port by the power switch, not the USB-A port that's for plugging in an FTR16 433MHz receiver, if you want to use Godox's older radio system.

The AD360II is still waiting for a firmware update, and does not do HSS. Yet.

Godox also posted firmware updates for the V860II flashes, so if you have one, that can also be updated to do TTL with an XPro-P.  The TT685 is still waiting for an update.

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