Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

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Re: Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

Mikeb9550 wrote:

I too would like IBIS. A lot of people state they don’t need it and I would mostly fall into that category but when I do need it, I want it to be there.

There is no trade offs with modern IBIS. Not sure why people think there are compromises.

There are compromises...and ibis causes more than ois (though no stabilization at all is preferred, and I will freely admit that the notable iq difference between stabilized and not stabilized is probably small).

As already mentioned in this thread, you have plenty of choice if you want ibis - from a variety of makes, and that includes a camera from Fuji.

I honestly don't understand the mentality of the ibis fans...they whinge that Fuji doesn't have it, then when it's implemented in a particularly model, they whinge it's not in "ALL" models - and that's despite the fact there are many who do not want ibis.

What gives!!


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