Amazing on paper, not so good for me

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Re: Amazing on paper, not so good for me

QuietOC wrote:

Horsedino wrote:

I would buy an a68, and someday I might will! Unfortunatelly there isn't a single a68 for sale in Brazil! So I had to import and exchange rates are pretty high for now!

I was in between the a77ii and the a99 as my next body, but my a58(which is my old trusty workhorse is having some issues and need repair) so I needed to buy another body fast. Was in between the a68 and the a77. Wanted an a77 for weather sealing and the a68 for eye af. Chose the a77 becase there ain't a single a68 in my country lol...
I might buy one in future as a backup though!

That's too bad. I suspect the A68 shares much of the sealing of the A77II, but I haven't taken both apart to verify that.

The older sensor and processing in the A77 is a bit of a downgrade, but it should be an AF upgrade from the A58 and have better video quality.

I feel similarly about the A6000 especially about the unreliable AF. I am leaning towards replacing mine with an A5100 for the more comfortable form factor and touch screen.

I have an a5100 and regret not getting the 6000. Not having a view finder is impossible. I do like how compact it is  but that only matters if you plan on using the kit lens really.

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