Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

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Re: Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

I just realized that I didn't answer my own question yet.

And I also realized that maybe it's not a great question to ask. Some of the answers were erring on what Fujifilm should do, which was not my intention, because that would just reflect our own preferences and style of shooting, which are unique to each photographer or enthusiast.

I wanted in fact to provoke some educated guesses as to what fuji will do concerning IBIS and probably I didn't explain it well enough, though of course only Fujifilm knows what it will do.

Me, I think Fuji will put an IBIS in the X-T4. The way I see things, Fujifilm was slow in implementing advanced features in their cameras. When they came out with their X-Pro1, the focus was slow and it took Fuji all these years, before producing the X-T3, with a really great AF . The movie features (AF and others) were also way behind others and it's only with the X-T3 again that they are on par (even ahead).

So with IBIS, they are just starting developing it, they did it for the X-H1, but can't do it yet small enough for an X-T or X-E body. But I think they are working on it and will put it on the X-T4, keeping the small form factor of the camera. I think they want to show that what Sony is doing, they can do it too (technical features I mean, because in color and usability they are way ahead).

I think IBIS slowly becomes an ubiquitous feature of serious cameras.

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