Amazing on paper, not so good for me

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Amazing on paper, not so good for me

I used to shoot RE and church services with my old a58 + kit lens. I needed a wide angle lens to shoot RE and a faster lens to shoot church services. So a friend introduced me the a6000.

I borrowed it for a week, shot some RE and test it out during a church service she was also shooting at. It was love at first sight so I bought one for myself!

I could just have bough new lenses, but the idea of a new camera was whispering in my ears lol.

In the beggining It was quite a good camera, felt more solid than my a58, AF was much faster, much more AF points, could use iso a little more than 1 stop higher than I did with my a58, in camera flash was quite usable and video was really great!

I ended up buying some vintage glass as the canon fd 50mm f1.4 since the sony 50mm f1.8 oss is too expensive and I also bought the samyang 12mm  f2 for RE, as the kit lens is not very sharp and not wide enough.

After many events, church services, a wedding, some portrait shoots I decided the a6000 was not for me. Here is why:

Every event I shoot with both a58 and a6000 I liked the pics from the a58 much more! (colors)

Even though I could get 1 stop higher iso with my a6000, the a58 sensor has stabilization and I can shoot on lower speeds. - depending on what the a6000 is still better for lowlight but it's not 1 stop, it's less.

AF on the a6000 isn't always reliable, too many points and no way to change them fast.

AF lenses are very pricey.

It focus up to -0ev so AF is pretty useless in lowlight.

Doesn't work with flash focus assist. keep that in mind. - sony developed a flash that uses led light as focus assist, this might work but it's very pricey.

After 8 months of use I had issues with the shutter button. So the camera wouldn't work for 3 days during an event. Glad I had another a6000 and the a58 with me at the time. But I had to set back button focus in order to keep shooting with it. This issue didn't bother me much afterwards.

- to shoot RE  the a6000 + samyang 12mm f2 is amazing! Very sharp images, really good dinamic range, so it paid itself through time. But for pretty much everything else my weapon of choice is the a58. - I'm  actually shooting RE with the a58 + tokina 11-16 f2.8 right now because it has in sensor stabilization, I can't shoot raw with a6000 play memories app and I have a bad tripod, so I lose some pics when shooting with my a6000 even though I'm using 2s timer. So with the a58 I don't have any shake at all. -  But this can be fixed with a better tripod!

It good to mention the EVF on the a6000 is much better, the video is MUCH better and the customization is PRETTY DAMN GOOD.

Who is this camera for?

Landscape on a budget. Paired with the samyang 12mm f2 the image quality is superb!

Real State Photography. Same as above!

Travel Photography: The camera is quite small. If you want an ILC it's a very good deal. The wifi also helps to  share your jpegs and mp4 videos to your mobile. It recharges  without the need of a charger, but you might need some extra batteries.

Portraits: The colors aren't as good as some other cameras, but paired with a good lens the results are very good. It has EYE AF so you won't be missing the eyes.

Event shooters who use continuous light: the camera doesn't focus in lowlight with flash focus assist, but if you use continuous light such as led pannels then it should work just fine.

Video: The video  quality is quite good. in camera mic is at least decent, but you'll need an external recorder.

It's a good backup camera, and some people shoot really good stuff with it. It's just not the best tool for me. Wish I bought an a77 instead.

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