Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

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Re: Will the future X-T4 have IBIS or not?

virgil1612 wrote:

I just bought the X-T100 and I decided that my future Fuji body, whenever it comes (for me) will have IBIS. I wonder if Fuji will put IBIS in the X-T4 or IBIS will used exclusively in the X-H bodies. What do you say?

I can see why some people want it But at the same time Im as always a bit surprised about how many people suddenly can not be without a new feature and suddenly deem gear without Said new feature worthless or at least something they would not even buy , regardless of it being a great camera in every other aspects .

But then again i think about the age We are in now, instant gratification and as much help and auto feature as We can get so that We Dont have to work for What We want and have to make an effort.

I can say i never really lacked much in any of the later cameras the last couple of years, and i Guess it stems from that i started with film earlier on and had to develop some sort of skill and patience to get sharp pictures and think a little bit more before pressing the shutter.

Its just so funny to me seeing how so much things are considered mandatory in a lens or camera body for a photographer to even considerer buying it(even though its perfect in so many other aspects of picture taking).

the lastest x-t3 seems like an amazing camera with or without IBIS... But Yeh since so many people seem to demand that feature Im sure they Will at some point work that in, But id rather see them develop the sensor further or IQ in general before such features.

in my opinionšŸ˜

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