13% AF-C Failure - London Ontario Airshow - K-1II

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13% AF-C Failure - London Ontario Airshow - K-1II

This is the follow up to my AF-C airshow report seen here... https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/61639581

13% AF-C failure for a Pentax is rather impressive so I was amazed by a few vocal people who strongly suggested it was unacceptable for Pentax to have such a bad failure rate. The funny thing is when I was reporting a 20-30% failure rate in other action events a few months before the forum was praising such results. It just goes to show there are a few bad apples who'd rather be disagreeable instead of realizing the fact that there has been a vast improvement in Pentax AF... even if not at the competitions level. I guess one must ask, if Pentax ever gets to the competitions level in AF tracking what would complainers on the forum find next to complain about?

Alright enough about that, lets get onto the photos...

Given that there are soooo many photos I've decided not to post many of them over the next few weeks and a whole bunch at once. I'd ask that as you go through the galleries I've provided links to, if you see photos you really like or photos you have questions about copy their links and post them in your response. (right lick on the photos, select copying "image" location and paste that into the response, I'm sure most browsers will have similar wording)

Ground Displays, 48 photos...

Heritage Flights and the Snowbirds, 22 photos...

Jet Performers, 104 photos...

Propeller Performers, 37 photos...

Do Enjoy and let me know what photos you liked and why.

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