X-T3 or full frame

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Re: X-T3 or full frame

When it comes to an allround camera, probably not that much to gain.

So it really depends on what you shoot. A lot of lowlight, big prints/high res or extremely shallow DOF would be the main reasons to go FF. The issue is not camera size, but lens size.

I was on the fence between a Z6 and the XT3. I only want to have one system. For surfing and wildlife, the 840mm (35mm eqv) I get out of the XT3 with my 100-400 +TC is great. To get the same with FF I would need to add a much bigger and heavier lens. For travel, the upcoming 16-80 will be much smaller than a FF 24-105. Some people claim that some of the APSC lenses, like the 100-400, are not much smaller than their FF counterparts, which in principle is true. But for practical purposes, that is IMHO not the relevant questions as in terms of reach, you need to buy an 150-600 for FF to get the same reach. Compare that in terms of weight and size!

FF Mirrorless - first generations have been mediocre, current ones are still expensive, especially when looking at lenses. But there are better deals on the DSLR side. If you want to try it, a great deal would be a used NIkon D750. Add a used 85/1.8 and you have a gorgous portrait setup for not that much money, and should you decide to not like t, you can always sell it with little loss.

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