Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Joe Tam wrote:

I don't like the viewfinder resolution on the a7iii.

xchric wrote:

Why A7iii is not on the list? I have both Sony and Fuji, A7iii and X-T20. Love the portability of Fuji and the size of lens, Fuji color is unique. However, Fuji can’t keep up with my 4 year old so I am still keeping both.

EVF is just a tool. I used to own A7 II that has the same EVF as in A7 III. Honestly it didn't affect me in taking photos and I have used to A7r III and A9's EVF. Unlike OVF you actually don't have to see everything so clearly in EVF as it still displays all info you needed and as long as you can see the AF point targeting at the subject, and we know A7 III AF is very accurate and reliable. Sure you feel more enjoyable in higher resolution EVF but really no much difference in taking photos and the quality of end results.

The bottom line is that you can pickup X-T3 on your feeling of ergonomic and EVF etc. But A7 III absolutely will help you to get better end results that matter of sensor size (DR, sharpness, shadow noise), AF-C tracking, IBIS and high ISO. Your priority is based on which is more important - feeling (that could change later) vs IQ (never change).

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