Lens size & weight: Sony (fe) vs Sony (e) vs Fuji (x)

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Re: Lens size & weight: Sony (fe) vs Sony (e) vs Fuji (x)

Ron206 wrote:

As I mentioned, I use the Sigma 16/1.4, which is huge in comparison to older equivalents, but the extra glass and size makes the Sigma a superior lens. I enjoy the extra sparkle but it is unclear if anyone else does or cares.

Superior to what ?  Does it capture any more detail than the Nikkor 24/1.8 on a 24MP FF body ?  How about the 70-200/4 compared to a good 70-300 (f/4.5-5.6) on a FF body ?  Certainly, the longer you get, the bigger the lens for FF (and cropping FF won't get you the same resolution as APS-C).

Here's the thing: I think that if someone is motivated to put together a compact FF system, it's doable - it can be competitive with APS-C in compactness/weight/cost while enjoying *some* benefits of FF (mostly at base ISO, because equivalence takes away benefits at higher ISOs).  And that will be good enough to drive some people to FF.  But most people who buy FF will probably want to exploit it and end up with a somewhat bigger kit.

I'm hoping the market splits 3 ways. Pro (FF and above, they need it and know it), enthusiast (APS / 4/3's, wow isn't that a cool shot) and the casual selfie stick user (smart phones).

Fuji and m43 are both options for those who want small and enough people insist on it, Sony, Nikon and Canon will have to compete there, too.  Sony is rumored to be releasing an 'A7000' which is a good sign.

IMHO most enthusiast shooters will tire of lugging around tons of gear that, at the end of the day, is more limiting than elevating.

If so, they have options in FF.  A 24-70/4 and 70-300 aren't much different than a 16-50/2.8 and a 70-200/4. But then again, you can downsize even further on APS-C and m43.  Depends on how far you want to go.

- Dennis

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