Sony RX100vi diopter repaired

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Sony RX100vi diopter repaired

After a complete debarkle, my Sony RX100vi diopter is finally repaired.


I returned my RX100vi back to my local retailer (DigiDirect - Cannington) approximately a couple of Months ago, in my original box, all in pristine condition.

Approximately four weeks later, I picked it up, took it home to test, and on closer inspection I noticed the replacement EVF was installed crooked/misaligned and was not flush with the top of the camera. I also noticed my original packaging was scuffed because it wasn't protected for shipping. So I took it back and requested a new replacement unit.

Almost four weeks later (today) I received an email from my local retailer (DigiDirect- Cannington) informing me that my request for a new replacement unit was denied, and there was nothing they could do about my (worse again) scuffed packaging (basically telling me it's my tough luck). They did say that they would offer me a discount on my next purchase, but when I later pressed them on what sort of discount? They said "maybe 50 bucks", but were unwilling/unable to commit (charming).

Just got home, did a quick initial test, and the diopter "appears" to be fixed (no longer moves). We'll see whether it moves over the next few Months.

All in all, I'm happy the diopter is fixed (for now), but wouldn't have gone through this crappy unprofessional process if given the option of doing it all again.

I'm the customer (Mug/Sucker) that paid $1600 Au for a brand new camera, and now I have scuffed packaging and a camera that some dodgy bench technician messed with twice because he clearly didn't have a clue what he was doing. Not to mention numerous phone calls/emails to the retailer and service company (Digicam in South Australia), two Months without my new camera, and three trips to the retailer for the camera repair.

I was a loyal Sony customer, and was going to buy more Sony lenses for my a7rii (specifically the 24mm GM), but now I've had a taste of Sony's renowned "customer support", I'll reconsider putting my money into something else.

Thanks Sony, I'll never forget how you treated me.


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