Perfect JPEG engine setting, but...

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Perfect JPEG engine setting, but...


So, I followed the recommendation given by left eye (thank you again for your help) and set up my KS-1 accordingly. And I took it away for my daily walk. So, how the pictures turned out? Perfect and not so perfect. Just look at them yourself. Basically, the sharpening (actually lack of it, but preserving fine details) and almost non existing NR is really perfect, at least in my opinion. But, as the day was very gloomy without the sun, and covered with dark clouds, the atmosphere was really gloomy as well. And the camera took perfectly matching pictures. However, when I uploaded them to my PC, they didn't look right, especially when I was flipping among those, taken before under the bright light. So they might need some brightening, like this one:

Today was a nice sunny day, maybe too sunny. And the result? The automatic Highlight/Shadow correction for some reason didn't activate, so the shadows are really dark:

Such a picture definitely requires some post processing. Fortunately, just simple "Lighting" (in ACDSee) correction perfectly helped:

Yes, under the optimal light conditions the JPEGs picture won't lag behind the RAW ones, just I can't imagine how the following picture could benefit if taken as RAW:

My conclusion is the following: It is fine to shoot JPEGs, especially in good light. Such pictures wouldn't require any additional adjustments. But in a poor (low contrast) light, or a very strong, harsh light, the JPEG pictures would need to go through the photo editor. The re-saving JPEG pictures doesn't worry me at all, as you would need to re-save them maybe 4-5 times to see some degradation. If I find out that more than 50% of the (out of camera) JPEGs need to be modified, then very probably I switch back to the RAW shooting.

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