X-T20 built in flash as commander...

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Re: X-T20 built in flash as commander...

alfaholic wrote:

Thanks. I usually do not use flash, but when I use it off camera it is useful to use built in flash for triggering. Nikon has commander option that does not include built in flash in exposure, but X-T20 is unable to do this as I see.

I just bought TT350F, so I am playing with it. If used on camera TT350 still does not allow this to work as with Nikon.

I assume you already knew this, but just to repeat: you should be able to use TTL with the TT350F on-camera.

The TT350F can be controlled as a TTL slave if you buy the $46 X1T-F remote trigger. The TT350F when used on-camera can also work as a TTL commander for other Godox flashes, including Godox flashes for Nikon (think of it as a huge X1T-F remote with flash

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