Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Fuji vs sony lenses

The biggest factor often missed is how much better and cheaper FF glass is. FF glass at the same nominal aperture gets to use about twice as much glass (eg 2 vs f2) as apsc, and 4x as much as mft to produce an image. Imperfections are magnified. some of that theorized FF glass will be about twice as sharp as their aps-c, and the data has generally supported that across lens lineups.

Remember, a f2 apsc is equivalent to a f3 FF as same angle of of view aka equi focal length.

the most loved $300 fuji 35 2 lense gets (center/border/ extreme) objective data:


fuji 35 2 vs $250 sony FE 1.8

f2: 2700/2189/1976, vs f2.8: 4511/3652/2256

f4: 3078/2654/2345. vs f5.6: 4579 / 4199 / 4253

F1.2 fuji can’t do it vs f1.8: 4181/2489/1804

Sony, sony version can get 1 stop quicker than fuji, and it cost loess.

That’s a huge performance gain. Some caveats, on a7iii at 24mp, the performance gains for sharpness would be a lot more equivalent since you’r bottlenecked at the sensor.

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