X-T20 built in flash as commander...

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Re: X-T20 built in flash as commander...

I went through the manual once when I first got my X-T20, and if I understand it correctly, commander mode on the X-T20 requires a compatible (Fuji?) flash. Otherwise, it's just a dumb optical trigger for a slave (no TTL).

I purchased a Godox flash and their X1T-F remote trigger instead. The trigger is small sitting on top of the X-T20, perfect match, and with TTL. I can position the flash off-the-camera anywhere and any angle I want. The trigger will work with any Godox flash, so you can also fire Godox flash for Nikon, Canon, ... if you have more than one camera brands.

This is the deal where I got the flash + free remote. It expired, hopefully they will run the deal again sometime:

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