D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

Started Oct 21, 2018 | Questions thread
Peter in Canberra Contributing Member • Posts: 871
Re: D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

Satyaa wrote:

Peter in Canberra wrote:


Another option if extra reach is something you want might be the 55-300 VR lens - it is kind of superseded by the 70-300 AF-P DX lenses now

As already pointed out, none of the AF-P lenses will work on this body

but it is an OK lens and was a lot cheaper than the 70-300 AF-S FX lens. The 55-300 has a metal mount which distinguishes it a bit from the 55-200s.

yes, sorry I didn't mean to imply that the AF-P could work on the D40x. It won't. It was more contextual for the pecking order status of the 55-300 today.

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