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Lots of fun

I bought this cam used a few years ago for $375.   Now I seem them used for $125.  I pull out this beast once in a while to shoot a little high school sports when a friend of mine wants some cool shots of her child playing football, soccer, etc.

When I show up at a school event with this 16 year camera people still think I'm the boss because I have this pro looking camera and a white L zoom attached (albeit an old 70-200 F/4) meanwhile the used value of my rig is less than their cell phone.

This rig is still a lot of fun to use.  The autofocus is lighting fast.   You can almost hear the crinkle of static electricity as the cams locks on to it's target.  Bam! Bam! Bam! the sound of the shutter clapping at 10 frames per second!    This is still a pro level experience in an aging body.

Okay, now the downsides.  The batteries feel like they're from The Flintstones, big old batteries that take a while to charge in the massive old charger.   I get about 80-100 shots out of each battery.  Batteries lose about half their charge if they've been sitting for a month.

The cam is super heavy, but somehow the weight and the build is very satisfying.  Having the portrait grip at my disposal is great.  The menus and buttons (having to do this two finger job to change the ISO, drive mode etc.) was designed to be failsafe from accidentally changing settings, but seems almost like an accident if I can figure out how to change the settings if I haven't used the cam in a while (airing out other cams in my stable of DSLR beasts).

I've also used this cam at events with a pro canon flash, taken shots of historic old houses.  When the lighting is good, this cam can deliver very satisfying images.  Of course you have to be very careful with framing, because at 4mp resolution there isn't to work with.

This camera is NOT great in low light.  I can make do with shots up to 800 ISO.  By ISO 1600 images start to look scary.  Long exposures in low light bring on the banding.  This is not the cam to take out for a low light gig.

Many times I have thought about selling this camera, but invariably I find a use for it.  I charge up the giant batteries, insert one into the tight weather sealed pocket, relearn how to use the buttons to change ISO and menu items, fire up the beast to only be rewarded by that pro experience that no other lesser DSLR can even attempt to imitate.

Canon EOS-1D
4 megapixels • 2 screen • APS-H sensor
Announced: Sep 25, 2001
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