D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

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Re: D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

The D40X is fine and gives pleasing results. Yep more modern cameras have more pixels but you don't really need them (I used a D80 for years and was happy with the resolution) and more modern sensors are better equipped for handling tricky lighting and things like that, but a D40X is a reasonable place to start.

Trouble with super-zooms like the 18-200 (equivalent to 28-300 in 35mm terms) is that although they give you a massive range they aren't that great compared to other options. The 18-55 is fine for getting to know the camera, the main restriction being of course you're fairly limited at the telephoto end. It's also noticeably lighter than lenses with a longer range.

Of lenses currently available new I'd suggest the 18-140, which still gives quite a large range. But it costs around £539 in the UK. If you're prepared to look at secondhand then you've got more choice. I have the 16-85 (equivalent to 24-128) which gives excellent results. I'd suggest looking at the used section of the Wex web site, and in particular Nikon AF-S lenses in the standard zoom category and which are marked condition 9. They have used examples of both the 18-140 and the 16-85, and also the 18-105; prices seem to be around £190, £220 and £124. The 18-105 is a bit lighter and smaller than the other two. Worthwhile looking at the other vendors suggested as well.

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