If you were going to rent a Fuji camera and some lenses with an eye on buying, which ones to try?

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If you were going to rent a Fuji camera and some lenses with an eye on buying, which ones to try?

So last month, I won the Phantom Ranch Lottery.  I get to go to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and come back up in Mid-October 2019.

Because I'm doing this trip exactly once, I'm going to buy a better camera (with 2 slots... It's 6000 feet down, and I'm paranoid), and take it down the

So this week, I rented a Sony A7 III with the 24-105/4, 35/2.8 and Sigma 14/1.4 (I want one.  For rent if I ever get a chance to do that astro trip.  It's also 3 pounds) and went out and did some shooting of various museums, battleships, and a couple of night shooting sessions from Brooklyn pointing at Manhattan.

Basically, I do these crazy hiking vacations exactly once a year when my knee is healed up enough from the last crazy hiking vacation to go do another crazy hiking vacations. Other than that, my petty little weekend trips involve dark museum ships, surprisingly dark museums, and oh hey, look at how pretty NYC is at night.

I've been pretty happy with it and also very dependent on the margins on the ability to shoot f/4, ISO 12800 clean-ish at about 1/30 in a dark exhibit, which is the limit of my shaky hands.

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So if I was going to finish going through my A7 III pictures, rent a few lenses and an X-T3 sometime next month, and try out a Fuji to see if I could do the same things that I do on the A7 III, which ones should I pick up?

Obviously the 18-135 and... 18-55 over 16-55 I think, just because it's the kit, it's smaller in the museums, and I'd be able to afford it before next October if I got it as the kit, but are there any other zooms I should be aware of?  It's impossible to try out astrophotography near NYC for the obvious reasons, but...

Should I be trying something telephoto to say "Yes, this is a 400mm zoom equivalent that doesn't weigh 15 pounds and that's what something 4x longer than any lens you've ever used before lets you see"?

My experience with landscapes is that you can't reasonably zoom with your feet (On a cliff, shooting at that mountain range 20 miles thataway... Yeah no), but maybe an astro zoom/prime that I should at least get a feel for view angle, since NYC doesn't have stars?

What are some lenses that you'd use to convince someone that yes, Fuji is the way to go?  My tripod's a Feisol CT3442 + center column with BH-30 ball head if that matters.

/FWIW, it turns out that 35mm on FF is the exact right size to be shooting from the Brooklyn Promenade at Lower Manhattan.

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