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Zefah wrote:

TQGroup wrote:

Thanks for the very constructive comments

My D850 will stay - divorce is too expensive

I want to replace my D500 with a MILC that can be adapted to use some Nikon/Zeiss glass. I will initially buy a 24-70/4 or so (lightweight) and more later.

I envisage the MILC will be used primarily for video, street, night-market and travel photography. I recently had a month in Asia and a decent MILC would have been very handy in addition to the D850. The D500 was practically obsolete on that trip.

Features that would be nice include, (not in order: IBIS), fast-to-shoot (low lag}, accurate AF-S and AF-C, 4K video (no crop or pixel binning), good low light performance, good video AF, comfortable feel in the hand, good control placement for speed of use, great EVF (I like OVF), good SOOC JPGs (many images will not have any PP), good flash (external) capability, external battery charger (leave 1 battery in hotel), around 24 MPX is enough, good weather sealing (sudden downpours)... that's most of them.

I am not interested in the Nikon Z7, for me it is too much like the D850 I already have.

I am actively considering a Sony A7iii (which I have tried) a Fuji XT-3 and the Nikon D6 (due end November). The comparison is not against the D850. It is between MILC options available for purchase by December 2018.

I visited this forum and thread because I was interested in learning from real user's experiences (not spec sheet data, please) about how they feel about Sony and Fuji and specifically about the A7iii and the new XT-3.

Thank you in advance for your helpful comments.

Cheers, Andrew

The D850 is a great camera, so I see no reason why you would get rid of it if you still like the DSLR form factor and don't mind the mirror mechanism.

But since you're keeping it, that means you're keeping your Nikon lenses, and right now, only the Nikon Z7 (and presumably Z6) can adapt F mount lenses to any degree of success, so recommending anything else would also be recommending investment in a completely separate system.

For what you're looking for, I think the Fuji X-T3 would best suit your needs. I believe it has the fastest power on to shoot readiness in mirrorless. It offers no crop in 4K up to 30 FPS (4K60 has a crop that I've heard is either 1.18 ~ 1.3 -- not sure which is true). It's subjective, but most people seem to think the ergonomics and physical controls are a bonus, and it's hard to argue with the SOOC JPGs. It also has reportedly great weather sealing. The only downside is lack of IBIS and crap battery life, but it does have an external charger and I believe it can be charged via USB.

Thanks for that thoughtful appraisal.

I understand that numerous Nikon shooters use Sony A7 series cameras and effectively use adapters for their Nikon glass. Am I wrong there?

I like your analysis of the Fuji and that is why it is still in the mix. My major concern is the lack of IBIS, especially for video. Its not a showstopper as my D500 (to be replaced) doesn't have it either. Carrying a spare battery or two is not likely to be a problem.

As for the Z6... I just have to wait a while. Often issues arise with cameras that are not evident from the spec sheets. I am hoping it will be properly reviewed and understood before I have to choose. Sometimes even shooting a camera for a day or two doesn't show up serious issues. That is why these forums are so useful

Sony has the advantage of being well understood as its been out the longest. I have briefly used the A7iii and my major concern was its "ergonomics and speed to shoot". This is unsurprising coming from DSLR land. When I take my very small Panny TZ110 walkabout, I have trouble remembering how to use it. Familiarity breeds content

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