D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

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Re: D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

D40 is a good start and 10MP is usable for most general purposes. However, I suspect that you will not be satisfied with it once you get past the 'getting comfortable' phase.

I would recommend that you consider what camera you might buy if/when you're ready to upgrade and then decide on a lens that you can continue using on the newer hi-res cameras.

The kit lens you have for that camera is sufficient for good light situations when you don't need a long zoom. The 55-200 VR II that was mentioned is a less expensive bet even if you decide to stop there.

If you want a better general purpose lens that has better IQ and a little bit more focal length, then look at Sigma 17-70 C, or a used Nikon 18-140. Most other zooms with good IQ are just too expensive in your situation (currently an old camera and unknown next camera).

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