Is the mechanical E-mount specification available online somewhere?

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Is the mechanical E-mount specification available online somewhere?


The subject says it all really, but for background, see below:

This screw that stops the rotation when unmounting seems to be miss placed 1-2 mm in the rotational direction making it stop to late and the flanges over shot and engages again. So I am trying to figure out the correct measurement for E-mount. Better to use a drawing as a start than to measure on other mounts before drilling a new hole besides of the old one a cut in new threads for the screw.

As usual when you buy the cheaper adapters you need to fix them.

The ones from K&F generally have a reputation to be the better budges ones. I have two of their generation 1 style already, but finally Amazon started to ship version 2 to Sweden as well so I got one. The version two is said to be better and I was curios how it was improved, it is for instance matt black inside the tube now instead of being shiny black. But they still forgot to get rid of all the shiny chrome, but they must have something to improve on version 3 as well I guess...

They also introduced a bug on the version II. It seems they placed the stop screw a millimeter or two off in the rotation direction which means it over shots when unmounting and engages again since it goes to far.

I thought I should fix that, it is a M1.4 screw and I have a threader cutter for such and suitable drills as well, so no biggie.

I just need to figure out how much sideways I should shift the new hole from the current one. I can of can off course measure on other mounts, but it is always best to check the drawing how it is supposed to be made.

So does anyone know if the mechanical specification for E-mount is available online somewhere?

I am mostly after the lens side mount spec, but the body side mount is interesting as well.

Thanks and best regards from Sweden!
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You don't have to like my pictures, but it would help:

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