Use Camera Faithful Profile instead of Adobe Color in ACR/Lr

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Hoka Hey
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Re: Use Camera Faithful Profile instead of Adobe Color in ACR/Lr

Tony Parenti wrote:

I've always used the 5d2 as my standard for color profiling for my portrait work. It may not be the most "accurate" camera by measurement standards but I've always loved the tones it produced. I've been messing with the Canon R files in ACR and the Adobe Color profile is awful. I've found that using Camera Faithful tracks fairly close to the colors I find acceptable for my workflow. A couple tweaks to H/S/L and I have it about 99% of the way to color matching my 5d2 images. The Adobe Color profile is soooo green. Something I've noticed with the 5d4 using Adobe Color profile as well.

Thanks for the kind suggestion. I will try it.

It is wonderful to have so many choices.

BTW, I like the Adobe Color profile. I agree that it renders greens differently than the Canon Standard or Faithful. In my opinion, they are more Fuji like. I was happy to see that since I like both the Fuji colors and the Canon colors.

We are so lucky to have such a fun camera and such great software that lets us be so creative.



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