D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

Started Oct 21, 2018 | Questions thread
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Re: D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

Any of the AF-S DX lenses will work with the D40x.

As Ramblin Robin mentioned, the Nikon 55-200 would be a good next-lens choice. It's ok for local wildlife, outdoor sports, average closeups (not true macro), portraits/kids, and distant landscape features.

Look for the newer AF-S VRii version that costs about $130 refurb in the States, or $150 brand new from eBay dealers.  In my experience it's quite a bit nicer than the older models.


And if you upgrade the camera some day, the 55-200VRii is perfectly functional on the new high-resolution 24mp bodies. That's nice so you won't have to buy all new lenses at the same time.

I would avoid the all-in-one zooms like the 18-200 for no other reason than cost ($500 refurbished).  To be blunt without meaning any offense whatsoever, I would not spend that much for casual use of a 10mp camera.

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