D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

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Re: D40x lens compatibility advice needed please

Ed Br wrote:

Hi Everyone

To begin with, apologies if this question has already been raised. I have just joined the forum and quickly checked the D40x area but didn't see a relevant note.

I have a D40x. I purchased the camera about 12 years ago (2006), put it in to storage with some other items and has remained there ever since ! I was clearing the loft out l4 weeks ago and found the camera and now intend to start using it.

I checked around and purchased the book 'Nikon D40/D40x Digital Field Guide' by David D. Busch and this has been a great help to moving me from my android phone camera to DSLR.

The camera came complete with a Nikon DX 18-55mm lens. I have taken a few shots and this does a great job. David mentions a better choice would be the Nikon 18-200mm lens. I live in the UK and have tried to find one and am completely confused by the range of lenses available. I don't want to make a purchase until I know I have selected the right one that will give me a good balance between macro and distant focussing. I understand the D40x doesn't have an onboard auto focus so I am assuming the lens will have to provide this itself ?

Can anyone give me some advice please ? Which lens should I go for and where should I purchase one in the UK ?

Many thanks in advance.



Taking your questions slightly backwards, if you're happy buying on-line then Camerajungle is a good place to start, likewise MPB and also Ffordes. They all have a good selection of lenses in the range and probably the sort of budget you may have in mind.

Although the 18-200 is a fine lens, it does suffer at the extremes of range. Take a look at reviews of the lens by various sources. I had both D40 and D40X and the X was IMHO a bit better as the greater pixel number allowed a bit more wiggle room. You do have to watch the lighting - the small number of metering points means that subjects in bright/dark contrast - trees on a a bright sunny day etc. can be challenging.  The 40s were the only camera I felt I had to shoot raw for safety. Not to say you won't get great jpgs too, but something to be wary of.

A lot depends on what you want to shoot - as this is a learning experience don't spend too much on kit yet. Perhaps consider a 55-200 VR zoom and see how you get on with the 2 - this was a standard combination.

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