Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

TQGroup wrote:

MILC man wrote:

TQGroup wrote:

Well if being polite and respectful makes me a "somebody" I will take it as a compliment

you aren't being "polite and respectful", you are trying to troll sony, with nonsense like: "why do I not see any Sony cameras being used by pros at sports events, news events, etc.


yes, your "polite and respectable" was just a lie.

when you yourself have no experience shooting sports.



Even though I am "mainly retired" I am way to busy to worry about galleries or websites. I'm sorry if that is a problem to you.

that is your problem, not ours.

So why raise it?

because you are trolling sony, and you know nothing about sony, and nothing about shooting sports.

you made claims about an a9 that you've never used, and brought Nikon dslrs into a milc forum and a milc thread, where it is totally off-topic.


wrong, it is 100% correct.

If you check my posting history, over the years I have included many photos to illustrate a point I was making.

not relevant to your failure to back up your claims about Nikon and sony.

BTW, just what claims am i making?

"Not yet for fast BIF tracking ..." was your exact words.

Please provide the context.

read the thread link that I posted.

you can't lie your way out of that.

which is totally wrong, you are trolling about things that you know nothing about:


what, cat got your tongue there fanboy?

where are your wise-ass remarks?

Perhaps my gear list will give a clue...

you mean the gear list that you never use to take sports pics with?

Pardon? I do not understand the meaning of this point.

is English is a second language for you?


not surprised to hear that, lol

How did you decide I have a zero sports background?

see above...

Sorry, still confused.

yes, you are.

How could you possibly know about my photography background?

by the troll comments you keep making.

OK. If you say so. I hope you don't mind there being other opinions out there about that.

I don't mind hearing qualified opinions from sports shooters who have used the a9, which certainly isn't you.

I have only shot Sony video professionally. I have never used the A9.

yeah, i'm sure that we'll see proof of that at some point... NOT

you can't even come up with any Nikon sports pics...



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