Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

MILC man wrote:

TQGroup wrote:

Well if being polite and respectful makes me a "somebody" I will take it as a compliment

you aren't being "polite and respectful", you are trying to troll sony, with nonsense like: "why do I not see any Sony cameras being used by pros at sports events, news events, etc.


when you yourself have no experience shooting sports.


Even though I am "mainly retired" I am way to busy to worry about galleries or websites. I'm sorry if that is a problem to you.

that is your problem, not ours.

So why raise it?

you made claims about an a9 that you've never used, and brought Nikon dslrs into a milc forum and a milc thread, where it is totally off-topic.


If you check my posting history, over the years I have included many photos to illustrate a point I was making.

not relevant to your failure to back up your claims about Nikon and sony.

BTW, just what claims am i making?

"Not yet for fast BIF tracking ..." was your exact words.

Please provide the context.

which is totally wrong, you are trolling about things that you know nothing about:


Perhaps my gear list will give a clue...

you mean the gear list that you never use to take sports pics with?

Pardon? I do not understand the meaning of this point.

is English is a second language for you?


How did you decide I have a zero sports background?

see above...

Sorry, still confused.

yes, you are.

How could you possibly know about my photography background?

OK. If you say so. I hope you don't mind there being other opinions out there about that.

I don't mind hearing qualified opinions from sports shooters who have used the a9, which certainly isn't you.

I have only shot Sony video professionally. I have never used the A9.

you can't even come up with any Nikon sports pics...


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