Has anyone used these lenses on the A7iii...

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Re: Has anyone used these lenses on the A7iii...

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Canon 70-200 f/4L (non is)

Canon 300mm F/4L IS

I'm assuming they would have no electronic communication with the camera and focus would be manual.

Why you have such assumption? Guess you don't pay much attention in DPR news, articles and forums EF-E adapters have been around for several years with AF/AE support to most modern Canon, Sigma or Tamron EF-mount lenses.

Yes these two EF lenses do AF/AE with Metabones IV/V or Sigma MC-11 adapters at least and also many other EF-E adapters. That is good news.

I'd like to have more reach than 75mm to shoot birds and squirrels on my deck and the alternatives I see are expensive and heavy, so I might as well try what I have - though I don't have high hopes.

The bad news is that AF-S is not very fast, sometime hung especially in low light and at 200~300mm FL. AF-C tracking doesn't work well. For those purposes in action, sport, wildlife AF-C tracking, you are better to get native FE lenses.

I've had the Canon 100-400 which I sold because it was too heavy...and still have the Olympus 100-400 for micro43 which I rarely use because it's heavy and its maximum aperture at full zoom is f/6.3. Great lens optically, however. Unfortunately can't be used on the A7iii! Maybe I should sell it to partially fund a longer Sony lens?

I adapted EF 100-400L IS II on A7r II via MC-11 in a zoo (bottom half set of photos in the album) under AF-S, you see it works well. Note: MC-11 reports all non Sigma lenses as DT-xxxx lens even they don't exist.


I replaced with FE 100-400 GM that is at complete different level under AF-C tracking. And it's about 180g lighter, quite noticeable.

There are also FE 70-200 G/4.0 OSS, FE 70-200 GM/2.8 OSS, FE 70-300 G/4.5-5.6 OSS.


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