Fuji instead of Sony?

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Fair enough

Joe Tam wrote:

Hi Whoosh,

Thanks for taking the time to look at my equipment list.

That's the first thing to look at in such a question - what you have and how new stuff will fit with that. Otherwise it would be just mindless acquisition of gear - which happens due to inexperience and sometimes I have done it but should be avoided for the future.

Unfortunately that is company gear and I have to give it up.


But the silver lining is that I have wanted to make the switch to mirrorless for a while. I have Panasonic gear but there are certain limitations to that gear for stills in my line of work. I still love the video and the size but contrast detect focus(plus DFD) are not as reliable as D850/d5.

I really love the D850 and was hoping the Z7 would be in the same league but I got to test it and was not thoroughly impressed. So my options with mirrorless will regretfully not include Nikon for now.

Fair enough - hopefully either the Sony or Fuji matches your expectations as the bar has been set very high with D5/D850.

As for not replying to all the comments I thank you. I am a little overwhelmed at all the responses. I have been busy looking for new opportunities and trying to reply as time allows.

In that case you may want to hold off your camera research for now and look into changing your work situation first (especially if the camera system research takes up a lot of time that can be used more productively for looking for opportunities).

btw whoosh Can you do my taxes for 2018 btw? I'll PM you my itemized expenses etc:).

I do mine with a very competent CPA - I can PM you his number if you want :). BTW - its not unusual to look at your equipment list and calculate the cost - since you are asking somewhat newcomer advice but your profile lists big exotic telephoto lenses. These two things did not quite add up till you mentioned that they were employer's and you need to give them up (possibly because you are quitting that employer).

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