Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

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Pardon my ignorance but if your assertions are correct, why do I not see any Sony cameras being used by pros at sports events, news events, etc. Surely all these experienced pros must of heard about Sony by now...

There are some now but not many, simply because there are many Canon and Nikon already there over decades. Those sport/news PJs are offered camera gear by their employers not on their own choices. I'd agree Sport PJs will be the last group to migrate to ML. The same reason applied why lots more Canon over Nikon in sport fields despite Nikon 3D AF is obvious better than Canon's vulnerable AF system. All today's sport cameras are good enough, 1Dx II, D5 and A9 even 5D IV, D850 and A7 III are enough to do jobs especially now Sony just has 400 GM and 500 GM and 600 GM will be shipped before Tokyo 2020 Olympic game.

You aren't confusing maximum frame rates with "shooting speed" are you?

No. Not sure what is your definition of shooting speed? Burst rate is the key part of overall shooting speeds.

My metric is something like this: "time from image possibility to image captured correctly".

This takes into account the entire shooting process.

just curious what actual experience you have with shooting sports? given that you are a nobody out here, and both your gallery and challenge profiles are blank... and with that zero sports background, you claim to be qualified to tell us what pros shoot with? lol, I think not.

I like being a nobody!

but you talk like you are somebody.

just with no gallery, no challenge pics, and never posting anything to back up your claims out here.

Perhaps my gear list will give a clue...

you mean the gear list that you never use to take sports pics with?

How did you decide I have a zero sports background?

see above...

Otherwise, if only one element (although important) is considered; we may end up with a scenario like predicting a cars performance around a race circuit solely based on its acceleration, i.e. 0-100 time.

no, that's not how real sports af works.

the a9 can do up to 60 af/ae calcs a second, so it doesn't need to rely on prediction as much as dslrs do.

sony fe lenses are mostly all rated at 15-20fps on the a9, with constant af-c, which no ff dslr on the planet can match: http://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/www/support/ilc/products/ilce9/continuousshooting/en/index.html?id=spt

and the a9 delivers that 15-20fps frame rate, while the d5/1dxmk2 can't match their advertised frame rates.

See, it is down to published frame rates again.

no, it's down to accurate focusing with constant af-c.

something that the a9 does better than any dslr.

I hope you don't mind me getting my information from real full-time professional sports shooters. Is that OK with you?

what? isn't it you who is pretending to be the real sports shooter? trying to tell us how af works and all

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