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I spoke to a Fuji and Canon owner. He said the same thing about the lockup on xt-2 and other weird anomolies. He said that as much as mirrorless has advantages he still prefers DSLR because it just works when you need it to. no quirks or lockups and you can leave the camera on for hours/days. i miss the leica for street shooting as its is small, light, quiet, and doesn't need to bootup.

I have owned A7r, A7 II, A7r II, A7r III and A9, none of them ever locked up, not even single time. No quirks. A9 shoots faster than D5 and 1Dx II, A7r III faster than 5D IV and 5DsR and A7 III beats 6D II and D750. Not all ML are the same, just as not all DSLRs are the same ML is replacing DSLR. A9 shoots 20fps with no-blackout EVF that are both faster and better than D5 and 1Dx II burst and still-blackout OVF.

Pardon my ignorance but if your assertions are correct, why do I not see any Sony cameras being used by pros at sports events, news events, etc. Surely all these experienced pros must of heard about Sony by now...

There are some now but not many, simply because there are many Canon and Nikon already there over decades. Those sport/news PJs are offered camera gear by their employers not on their own choices. I'd agree Sport PJs will be the last group to migrate to ML. The same reason applied why lots more Canon over Nikon in sport fields despite Nikon 3D AF is obvious better than Canon's vulnerable AF system. All today's sport cameras are good enough, 1Dx II, D5 and A9 even 5D IV, D850 and A7 III are enough to do jobs especially now Sony just has 400 GM and 500 GM and 600 GM will be shipped before Tokyo 2020 Olympic game.

You aren't confusing maximum frame rates with "shooting speed" are you?

No. Not sure what is your definition of shooting speed? Burst rate is the key part of overall shooting speeds.

My metric is something like this: "time from image possibility to image captured correctly".

This takes into account the entire shooting process.

Otherwise, if only one element (although important) is considered; we may end up with a scenario like predicting a cars performance around a race circuit solely based on its acceleration, i.e. 0-100 time.

You can argue endlessly. I have owned 1D III that shoots 10fps with similar brick size body, sure 1Dx II or D5 shoot a bit faster but not huge difference. I also have owned 5D, 5D2, 5D3 and 60D and Nikon corresponding DSLRs are similar, so I am very familiar with DSLRs.

But I can tell you today's ML is very different so don't live on your old perception or whatever the stories you heard from other brands. Once you shoot an A9, you will know it's a completely different from all other MLs including Sony A7-series. No-blackout EVF that only from A9 is simply amazing that is best in the field, better than any OVFs that still have blackout. A9 absolutely can capture more critical moments than any other cameras including 1Dx II and D5.

I don't care the arguments of market share, how many brands or models of sport cameras in fields etc that are irrelevant to me. In my usages I can claim my combo of A7r III/A9 overall is better than D850/D5 and 5D IV/1Dx II, and I effectively carry them into any trips including vacation trips and ready for any moments. Good luck to carry those combo in your trips if you have

I respect your experience as stated as well as your opinion.

I note that the vast majority of professionals also have experience and opinions and I value that too.

A9 and FE 400 GM are very new. Most of those pros have not experienced. I am not a sport or news PJ so their choices are not directly related to me anyway.

Whereas I use a D850 and a 400Fl...

D850 is not at the level of D5 and certainly is not at level of A9 AF performance, burst rate and buffer depth.

D850 is different to D5 and A9.

Certainly where meets A7r III.

I tend to give more weight to what people actually do... and I see what equipment the pros are using. Not a lot of Sony gear out there yet. In time, who knows?

I first to check my needs in my usage areas and then refer to others' opinions and experiences related to my needs and shooting areas.


For me and my use cases, the DSLR is currently a better option in most cases. I am currently evaluating a MILC to complement/supplement my DSLRs for those cases where it may be superior. Hence my interest.

Sure we all have our different needs, different shooting areas and different priority. To me A7r III and A9 combo can compete to any FF DSLRs that I am very sure about.

Not yet for fast BIF tracking...

How you know? Have you tried? A9 AF point coverage and WIDE AF engine, 20fps definitely have an edge over D5 in this area, no mention D850. 12 fps and much narrower AF coverage of D5 will miss some critical moments.

3D tracking, Group AF and 45 MPX matter to me. 19.4 MPX in crop mode.

Just in different terms. Eye-AF, WIDE and so many other AF setting, 20fps, zone AF, 42mp that cropped to 17mp in APS-C, IBIS, dual-gain ISO implementation, EFC right in EVF so no need such MLU and no MFA ever needed = sharpest photos especially with fast lens wide open and hand-held.

For example D5 maybe better in sport fields with busy background such as in basketball arena due to its well known 3D AF stickiness.


I say may or that is not my shooting area anyway, doesn't matter.

But this is not my shooting area while A9 has excellent stickiness as well in isolated subjects that are my shooting areas in BIF or airshow etc. Then due to 20fps and much wider AF point coverage, I can see A9 will have an advantage in those areas.

For yourself anyway.

For all we have seen and all experienced. A9 does have an edge in those areas. Are you trying to claim D5 is better in every area and every application?

I don't use a D5

I use D5 direct competitor A9 and also A7r III that competes to D850 very well. Do I miss anything?

I didn't claim A9 is better in every area and in every application but certainly better in many other areas and applications. The point is A9 is better in my shooting area that only matters.

Absolutely. Notice I never claim one camera is better than another for somebody else.

So what you are arguing here if you are not sure about and not experienced with other cameras?

I am actually not arguing anything

You're arguing for Nikon that is nothing to do with this thread and this forum.

Nevertheless, the points I have made in my previous post are valid. One does not win races on purely acceleration alone. It is the total on the tape that counts. It is exactly the same in clutch situations to capture the precise moment.

Again to our respective shooting area and priority. To me A9 overall is better. Similarly to me A7r III is better than D850 and 5DsR/5D IV in my usage - IBIS, no MFA ever needed, EFC right in EVF that also much easier for MF, dual-gain ISO implementation, DR at ISO 100 that matches to ISO 64 from D850 and then better in all other ISOs, high ISO...





Do you see above videos and pictures? Nobody can deny and not impressed, really.


Check this well-known wildlife photog's video who also owns D5.

Zefah wrote:

I briefly had an X-T2 and still have an X100 F, but I have experienced lock ups on both them (need to remove the battery and reinsert to get back up and running). It always seems to happen for me in C-AF and continuous burst shooting modes. Some have said that it's probably related to the memory card and that using high speed UHS-II memory cards fixes it at least on the X-H1.

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