Has anyone used these lenses on the A7iii...

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Re: Has anyone used these lenses on the A7iii...

ahaslett wrote:

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ahaslett wrote:

James Stirling wrote:

ahaslett wrote:

I've used the 300/4 IS on an A7R2 with a Metabones IV adapter. It focusses OK in SAF but the IQ isn't so good. That's rather a puzzle because it is fine on an EM1.1.

That is weird Andrew you would assume that the m43 camera with higher pixel density would have been more difficult , the wonders and mystery's of digital


Well the EF 300/4 doesn't match an Olympus 300/4 for IQ but using MFT gets more pixels than cropping the A7R2.

I would be very surprised if the Canon could match the Olympus The Oly is an excellent lump of glass. Funny over on the Nikon Z forum I had started a thread on what Canon lenses folk would consider adapting to the Nikon now that adapters or on the road from Kippon. The Canon TSE lenses always appealed and can be had a lot cheaper than the new 19mm Nikon PC lens, the MP-E 65 also got some interest.

You would expect the IQ to be better on an FF sensor but there seems to be some kind of soft edges to bright spots. The Samyang 135/2 definitely looks better on FF than MFT.

I don't really use the 300/4 on FF, so maybe it was just a particular subject.


That Samyang 135mm is an amazing bit of kit for the price .I was going to go for the Batis 135mm for AF and size but the price you can pick up the Samyang for is excellent and I enjoy manual focus , not that I would be using it for anything too fast moving. I have been very happy with the wee Samyang 35mm F/2.8. So cheap and heavy seems the most likely way I will go

It was a used 24mm TSE II that got me to buy a very used A7R and the MBIV.

Canon's TSE lenses in the past were always a bit better than Nikon's offerings though I think the new rather pricey { its north of £3000 } 19mm PC is state of the art.

You need a tripod to MF a 135/2 anywhere near wide open. The Samyang has quite a short MFD but I can't hold the body still enough to shoot anything close.


Andrew, When you see just how sharp the Samyang is it is amazing that they can sell it at that price point .

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