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I spoke to a Fuji and Canon owner. He said the same thing about the lockup on xt-2 and other weird anomolies. He said that as much as mirrorless has advantages he still prefers DSLR because it just works when you need it to. no quirks or lockups and you can leave the camera on for hours/days. i miss the leica for street shooting as its is small, light, quiet, and doesn't need to bootup.

I have owned A7r, A7 II, A7r II, A7r III and A9, none of them ever locked up, not even single time. No quirks. A9 shoots faster than D5 and 1Dx II, A7r III faster than 5D IV and 5DsR and A7 III beats 6D II and D750. Not all ML are the same, just as not all DSLRs are the same ML is replacing DSLR. A9 shoots 20fps with no-blackout EVF that are both faster and better than D5 and 1Dx II burst and still-blackout OVF.


Check this well-known wildlife photog's video who also owns D5.

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I briefly had an X-T2 and still have an X100 F, but I have experienced lock ups on both them (need to remove the battery and reinsert to get back up and running). It always seems to happen for me in C-AF and continuous burst shooting modes. Some have said that it's probably related to the memory card and that using high speed UHS-II memory cards fixes it at least on the X-H1.

I have to second your assessment of Sony cameras. I'm sure some people have experienced lock ups, but having used an A7R II for a year and now an A9 for a year and having shot well over 100,000 photos and recorded hours of video across the two, I can report that I have never had a lock up or issue with the hardware.

They aren't the fastest cameras to boot up, and the interface can lag slightly at times, but I've never had any lock up issues.

Nice to hear about the no lock ups

Seriously why you keep trolling here? I virtually never heard any Sony A7-series and A9 lockup issue, so please not apply other brands' lockup issue to Sony. Otherwise if you search you also will find 1Dx II and D5 lockup claim by a few.

A pro measures shooting speed as the time taken from image opportunity (conceptualisation) to image exposed correctly. It includes boot and lag time.

A9 AF is very fast, faster than 1Dx II and D5. It's not new that ML gains AF lock faster than DSLR, already years ago. Sure A9 takes longer to power on but sport and wildlife photos usually leave their cameras on most times. Otherwise no noticeable lag in A9 if you ever tried. 20fps A9 absolutely can capture more critical moments that otherwise will miss with 12fps D5 and 14fps 1Ds II.


I took two airshow events in last few months with A9+FE 100-400 GM, super AF lock speed and accuracy, virtually 100% hit rate.


7 GIFs from consecutive burst shots under 10fps on the Blue Angels with A9, every shot is tack sharp. I took 17,280+ RAW files in the last airshow and 2nd battery was still 32% left from the vertical power grip.

There is a reason the 1Dxiv and the D5 are so big and heavy so are the main pro lenses

Thanks A9 doesn't have brick size/weight of 1Dx II and D5, therefore I can carry into even vacation trips. Virtually no D5 and 1Dx II owners want to carry bricks into Alps hiking and entire day city walking, no mention they don't even have any IQ advantages.


A9 effectively replaced A7 II now is my 2nd cameras into any trips even regular vacation trips, virtually no D5 and 1Dx II owners would do the same

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