Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

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Great bokeh is what FF is all about?

jay-A wrote:

it’s true that modern digital photography can do away with large aperture but then it’s called a smartphone.

Let’s elaborate: great bokeh is what FF is all about, and the last thing that computational photography still struggles a bit to do without occasional artefacts. So you still want large aperture lenses. If you don’t you’re better off with an APSC, bridge or smartphone.

I find that I hardly ever use lenses wide open, both with medium format and with FF. I deeply disagree with your text that I bolded above. There are FF lenses I tend more to use wide open: the 58/1.4,105/1.4, and the 500/4E -- and, in MF, the 110/2. But even with them, I use them stopped down more than not.

Cameras are tools. You use them as you need to get the job done. Not many jobs need nearly-featureless backgrounds and paper-thin DOF. In fact, most don't.

FF and MF offer other advantages over smaller formats. The ability to make large, detailed prints, for example. DR, for example.


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