Creating a home studio for fashion product photography

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Creating a home studio for fashion product photography

Hi all,

I'm new here and I'd very much appreciate some advice please.

I'm setting up a photo studio in my small spare room in my apartment. I sell used clothing on eBay. I've been using three continuous tungsten lights, seamless white background and an iPhone 8. This set-up has served me ok, but it's required tonnes of photoshopping clipping out the backgrounds to get a nice pure white. Also, the detail, colour etc are lacking. I process a fairly large number of items, so it's a sound investment to get a proper set-up; especially as I'm trying to expand to my own website.

For a camera I've decided on the Sony A7iii. I will use this for my product photography, and also supplementary photos for the website/blog.

For a lens I'm considering between three Sony F4 lenses:




I'm going to test the three out. I'm leaning towards the 24-105mm, but only if it allows me to capture the full length of items at close range. I'd love to be able to shoot the 2.4m direction, as I have a french doors to a balcony at the right end of the room. Therefore, I'm giving consideration to the wider 16-35mm. If required, I will shoot long ways. I realise I this will probably be best.

My room is small. 3.6m length/2.4m wide/2.5m high.

I'd like to have at least three options for shooting.

* With a mannequin for suits/long coats, jackets.

* On a hanger for T-Shirts.

* From above for pants.

I'm considering purchasing a 1.8m x 2.15m Lastolite Hilite

I think this will give me a nice pure white background for mannequin and hanger shots. It might possibly work as a table top light source too.

For lights I I was thinking about 3/4 strobes. I think I'll need two strobes to light the Hilite. I'll then need another one for key light. I was thinking I might need a fourth light for fill, although I wasn't sure if I might get away with using a reflector panel instead.

I'd be grateful if I could get some general input, please.

Also, specifically in regards to these questions:

1. Does what I've outlined make sense?

2. Would it be best to get a total of four strobes, or will three be sufficient??

3. What power strobes should I get (should I get a more powerful light as my key)?

Thanks in advance!

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