Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Joe Tam wrote:


I was very interested in switching to Sony but the XT-3 has me taking another look at Fuji.

I used to use Nikon for stills and Panasonic(for stills and video where size, discretion, and silent shutter is required).

Why I want Fuji over Sony:

The smaller lenses and cheaper prices across the board end up saving a lot of money when it comes to 2 bodies, 3-4 lenses and some accessories. i can get 2 xt-3 for $3k vs. $6k for a7riii or $8k for a9.

fuji 50-140/2.8 for $1400) is lighter (2.19 lb / 995 g) vs. Sony 70-200/2.8(ignoring equivalence) at 3.26 lb / 1480 g at $2600

very compact 24-80/2.8 equivalent that is $1000 vs. sony which is over $2000.

won't have to pay $4000 for distortion free electronic shutter. while there is 1.25x crop at 30fps at 16megapixel that is not an issue for me. also heard some lenses are not compatible with electronic shutter on a9. this is not an issue with fuji.

Why I want Sony over fuji:

higher sensitivity in extreme situations due to "full frame" sensor

ability to mount many third-party lenses with adapter.

higher megapixel full-frame bodies(a7riii)


reportedly better tracking in low light

a9 is one sick puppy but very expensive.


For those who may have switched from Sony to Fuji: are there extreme situations where the fuji xt-3 fall apart and you wish you had sony. Heard low light tracking on Fuji xt-3 might be an issue.

Is Fuji good enough for most situations?

I ran both systems for a year or so. I often have had Fuji cameras - they are overall fabulous.

I would wait for the imminent release of the Sony high end APSc camera.

A7r3 is in another league though to Fuji XT series. I had XT2. Yes the zooms are cheaper but not so much the primes. A lot are similar in price so I question your financial workout.

The main negatives for Fuji XT3 are the reported freeze ups it is having trouble with (don't expect a quick fix for it as XT2 had the same issue and I don't think it was ever fully handled).

And no IBIS.

The other issue is RAW converters and the weaker resolution Xtrans gives in some scenes

Colour used to be the strong point but A7iii has probably put it in Sony's favour now.

XT3 is a formidable camera and if you get one I am sure you will be delighted. Its very full featured except for the lack of IBIS which is a technical shame.

Sony's APSc will have IBIS, probably the same sensor and a hot AF system, super EVF etc etc.

I suspect it will be fierce competition to the XT3.

I personally don't regard XT3 as serious competition to a full frame A7iii and certainly not an A7r3. A7r3 despite all these new releases is far and above the competition. I mean how can you fault it? Vague things like ergonomics and menus?


I briefly had an X-T2 and still have an X100 F, but I have experienced lock ups on both them (need to remove the battery and reinsert to get back up and running). It always seems to happen for me in C-AF and continuous burst shooting modes. Some have said that it's probably related to the memory card and that using high speed UHS-II memory cards fixes it at least on the X-H1.

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