Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Second time with XT-3

Joe Tam wrote:

I went back to the store and spent about an 2 hours trying out all Sony, Canon, Nikon and Fuji mirrorless.

I have to say there is something about the Fuji that felt comfortable. Not just in the hand but also in the performance. I have never consider a Fuji camera as I have heard there were AF performance issues with friends who have had all range of fuji bodies.

This camera is different. I have been eyeing sony for a while now but the xt-3 took my gaze off the FULLFRAME mountaintop.

While I know Sony probably has best image quality, af, and battery life I would like to hear from those who use Fuji XT-3 on a daily basis to get photos in fast moving situations such as protests, press scrums, breaking news, etc.

I also hear the fuji fast glass is slow(af). i like their compact zooms. but short battery life is a concern.

AF on the fast lenses could be improved, but it is not bad. I just so happen to have two of these for sale as I move into Sony (wink)

Really, the distinguishing feature of Sony is the AF, and especially EyeAF are amazing and the sensor dynamic range. If you are willing to make relatively small compromises on either of these, Fuji is a great option.

Sean Tucker on YouTube echoed something similar when he switch from Canon/Fuji to Sony only.

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