19. After shooting with expensive lenses you will be able to shoot your kit lens.

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19. After shooting with expensive lenses you will be able to shoot your kit lens.

I posted a list of things that have helped me get better at this thread:


This seems counter intuitive, but I have found great joy in shooting with my kit lens after spending money on some expensive (to me) glass.  Before I bought my GX85 with its 12-32 kit lens, I only shot point and shoots.  So I rented some cameras and a few prime lenses and shot with those before I bought my gx85.  I had no idea what I was doing or shooting, I just new that the pictures looked ok.

So I get the GX85 with the 12-32 lens and I think I am going to be set.  Well the pictures looked terrible to me, even on Auto.  So much so I thought I had wasted my money on this ILC when I could have had a PS.  I decide to buy a good prime lens 15mm f1.7 and the 20mm f1.7, because I couldn't be the problem, it must be this cheap lens.  And yeah, I could get some low light shots that I couldn't get with the 12-32, but the pictures still weren't that good.  That's when I realized I need to pay attention to how I was taking pictures.

So I only shot with the 15f1.7 for months.  I shot lots of pictures.  I tried autofocus, I did manual focus, A mode, P mode, S mode, etc...   And after about a years time I could take pretty decent shots with this 15 f1.7.  Then I tried my 20mm f1.7 again, and I was taking decent shots.  Now that I am such a great photographer(?) I can afford to spend money on the 42.5 f1.7 which is just a great lens to have and makes taking good pictures effortless.

Then one day I was bored and put the 12-32 back on my camera.  Hated the fact that there is no manual focus on it, but I had learned enough tricks to make this lens expose and focus the way I wanted, and... man what a GREAT LENS!  Its really sharp, it can take wonderful pictures even in low light and high iso settings.  AND its a zoom so I don't have to walk so much.  I never get to this point with the kit lens if I didn't spend months learning and appreciating the good glass.

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