Am I a fool to want a 1DSIII?

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Re: Am I a fool to want a 1DSIII?

realmadeira wrote:

Johnbro wrote:

I've got a 6D, 6D2, and a 7D2. 6D is getting sold. Might sell the 7D2--I love it but it seems I rarely pull it out of my bag.

For some reason I've been jonesing for a 1DS Mark 3, for reasons I can't quite seem to justify--mainly just that I've never owned a 1 anything from Canon and I wonder if holding such a massive solid brick in my hand will rock my world, or if it will just seem like a slightly demented grandfather of my 6D2.

(Ok, save the recommendations to just get a 5D4--I was going to do that instead of the 6D2 but it just doesn't have enough extras--at least extras that matter to me--to justify the big jump in price.)

I can buy a decent 1DS3 for a little more than I can get for my 7D2.

Ok, all you 1DS shooters: am I going to regret it or love it?

I will be a voice of reason here.

I own 1DsIII, 7DII and 5DIII

All three have a similar price pre-owned.

Exchanging 7DII for 1DsIII is a mistake. Sensor performance of 1DsIII is slightly better than 7DII at ISO 100-800. 7DII is superior in anything else: high ISO, focussing etc

1DsIII has however that certain charm of a solid magnesium brick

If you really want another FF than just pick 5DIII, but then it will be very close to your 6DII

Or you can just save money and use your cameras for another 2-3 years until 5DIV comes down to your budget

if i was to get a canon 1DsIII FF camera, it would be strictly for portrait and some landscape and nothing else! i would never get a 1DsIII as my main camera but some particular situation! also, i'd make sure to have some top notch "L" lenses to go with it! of course, 1DsIII by itself is far behind the contemporary lenses in technology and features. but DsIII still produces some great files, just like original 5D

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