I like my FZ1000...but...thinking of selling it

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I like my FZ1000...but...thinking of selling it

Not because of anything I don't like...sure nothing is perfectly designed just for me (well, i think my wife is :)...but it's great for all it does...problem is..it doesn't get used much.

Love the I.Q.

Great even at really high ISO..this one ISO 6400:

But...it sits most days. Like some folks big D SLR's, or so i read.

I blame the FZ80. It's more fun to use, thanks to versatile lens.

I get to shoot more of what i like (wildlife and birds, both which are usually quite a distance away).  FZ1000 can't reach this far....even with cropping...even with EZ Zoom modes.

At around 800mm or closer, the FZ1000 is fine..and of course within it's full 20MP range, it's excellent!!

These days I'd guess 70 to 80% of photo's I take are past the reach of the FZ1000.

I am visiting local parks much more than local zoos, these days...quite a switch, for me.

Subjects are far enough away that I'm many times using EZ Zoom and shooting between 1200mm and 1700mm. ...and wanting more, lol.

FZ80 isn't all bad, compared to FZ1000. After all they are related.

Speed of operation is actually slightly faster with FZ80. Both Zooming in and out and AF.

Same SD cards in both, yet the FZ80 in burst mode will never slow down for me, where the FZ1000 has. No big deal, just sayin.

Zoom range..well..the only reason to buy the FZ80, lol.

It does 4K video and has  extra 4K features the FZ1000 doesn't have.,being newer and having touchscreen. But might be more important later..not so much now, if at all.

Both have fast DFD AF, assignable function buttons, High speed slow mo video and  good battery life.

But..as we know with the  I.Q.  well..it  needs good technique and  help to get the most out of the camera.

Will i miss it if i sell it...sometimes..actually frustrating wanting the I.Q. of the FZ1000 in my FZ80..between a rock and a semi hard place.

Two choices..maybe three i have, me thinks:

1. Accept the lower I.Q. of the FZ80 (and other future small sensor cameras with longer zoom) , sell the FZ1000 and enjoy the fun.

2. Upgrade to much bigger and heavier gear, to obtain the I.Q. of the FZ1000 (or better)

3. Keep it..and from time to time, use it.  Just can't use the FZ80 right after, cause the sadness happens in my eyes  as I compare the I.Q. 

My right arm suffered a partially  torn rotator cuff...been going to Physical Therapy  since June. No surgery ..and hope not to!

So I Might be limited with heavier gear and how long i can hold it.

What would you do?

Thanks for all comments


Panasonic FZ1000 Panasonic FZ80/FZ82
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