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Re: Nobody pleased?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

As far as I understand there are three classes of lcd screens only:

1) Fiixed lcd

2) Tilt up and down lcd

3) The fiippy twist every which way multiple articulated in many variations that tries to satisfy the needs of all that are not happy with #1 or #2 above. There is no real solution once simplicity is abandoned only “fiddle bert” lcd screens for those that prefer angled screens to a good eye-finders.

As far as checking with pro shooters is concerned I have not noticed pro-shooter with large long lenses on board actually preferring to fiddle about using the lcd screens to frame and shoot in any form or purpose.

That made me think about the pro-shooters I have seen using mirrorless.  I can think of four categories:

1) Sony pro shooters using the amazing low light capabilites-  and unless you count 'reviewers' as 'pro-shooters' , I have never seen any.  Of course, that could be because it is so dark you can't see them... but in that situation the rear screen would really stand out.

2) "Pro shooters with large long lenses" - the ones I have seen are sport shooters, and they all use the viewfinder from what I have seen.

3) Pro-Video shooters.... the ones I have seen all use an external monitor!

4) Travel, street, art photographers.  The only pros I have seen using mirrorless are all using m43!  Perhaps I notice because I am tuned to notice m43.  This group does use the screen, and I have seen more use of the flip screen to get very discreet shots.  But perhaps this group will stay m43 to be more discreet anyway?

The proposed new mechanism on the S1 camera body is no more than a further complication that tries to reconcile the needs of the flippers with the tilters and is likely not to be capable of pleasing either party. The flippers don’t get all the flipping they wish and the tilters are quite happy with the simple tilt and need no more.

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