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Any ideas for overcrowding at National parks ?

Okay, I feel like anything I suggest will get completely slammed.... in spite of the fact that probably most people consider overcrowding at national parks a major issue.

So maybe just give me your own ideas ?

I was contemplating the idea of implicating a plan in which parks were open on even and odd weeks to individuals or groups in which the party leaders last name was between say between L-M, or N-Z..... so that everybody could still enjoy any place they wanted to, and even plan nonstop round the country trips, seeing different parks constantly, with proper planning. Even if a week were not enough, they could backtrack. Not sure how they would stop the party leader switching from Joe Apple, to John Zachery, the moment the scedule changed from odd to even... but just thinking about something along these lines.

Seems to me something like this would immediately  chop the crowds in half.... maybe even a bit more with a certain percentage who just didn't care enough to bother with any of it.

But the other side of the coin is, as much of a PITA as crowds are, do National parks really care ? Tell me they don't like all those $$$. Heck, if they could knock those crowds down by half, would they immediately  be hollering that they had to double the park fees ?

I dunno, but something will have to be done soon, as it's already bad, and getting worse by the year.

Going to start researching this now, to see what ideas are being considered.

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