Some questions about going from Lightroom to Capture One

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Some questions about going from Lightroom to Capture One

I've been using Lightroom since I started with photography but this past week I tried out Capture One Pro for a bit. I'm very intrigued, to say the least, but I would like to hear some from people who have experience using both.

Some pros I noticed:

  • Really like the highlight and shadow sliders in Capture One. The Lightroom equivalents seem very inconsistent in how they are applied (supposedly dependent on the actual photo) and they often have a tendency to make the photo very flat.
  • Color editor is very nice and lets you work with colors with more precision.
  • I really like the levels panel and how you can pull the midtones up and down. You can get the same effect in Lightroom, either by adjusting exposure and blacks/whites or using the tone curve but having it be a separate thing is really nice.
  • The clarity adjustments with separate sliders are nice.

Some cons:

  • With my Sony 16-35mm GM, Capture One does weird cropping when correcting distortion at the short end. Not appreciated.
  • Capture One oversharpens quite a lot. At first I liked it but now it's just annoying. I'm sure it can be changed though.
  • Layers are nice but the way that masks are raster images is annoying. This means it hard to fine tune masks after the fact, like you can with a gradient in Lightroom. You can just tweak it after you've created it but in Capture One, you have to make a new one.
  • There's no radial mask.
  • Vignetting tool is kind of limited compared to Lightroom.
  • No profiles for some lenses, like my Laowa 12mm f/2.8.

The main thing I'm curious about and don't really know is how people organize their stuff. Currently, I just import everything into my Lightroom collection and that works fine. How do people do it in Capture One? Will it scale if I put everything into the same catalogue? Will it be slow? How is the organization and filtering? Any thoughts from users that have used both?

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