Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Rmcp20 wrote:

Zefah wrote:

You can get an A9 for under $4,000 if you look and are willing to buy used (you should be). It's the only camera on the market that offers a distortion free shutter. I think its readout speed is pegged around 1/160. It looks like the X-T3's electronic shutter is closer to 1/60. It's still prone to distortion and banding, although it's improved over the X-T2. It does not have the stacked sensor tech that allows for the fast readout speeds that eliminate distortion and banding.

"As expected, the A9's electronic shutter was slower; we measured the time it took to travel from the top to the bottom of the frame at 6.68 ms, or just under 1/150 second.

That's only about half the speed of the mechanical shutter, but it's still quite respectable, and fast enough that most users will be unlikely to see any distortion in moving subjects or while panning."

On the other hand the X-T3 has 1/60s sensor readout (X-T2 has 1/20).

From 1/150s to 1/60s its still a big difference...althought the X-T3 is 3x times faster than the previous model.

Those are the readout speeds, you can use it a bit above those and not notice anything in the image.

Still, in very fast action you will still rolling shutter in both, much earlier in the Fuji.

It will take a few more years for us to be able to use e-shutter for everything...

Fuji themselves claim the electronic shutter on the X-T3 is "twice as fast" as the X-T2's readout speed, which was around 1/30s.

There is nothing reasonable you cannot already use the A9 for. Human movement is completely distortion free. You'll only really encounter any kind of distortion if you inside of a speeding train and shooting directly out the window. You'll see some bent poles and what not outside.

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