Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

I have been thinking about the fuji vs ff issue and looked into lens size and weight (the size and weight of the whole system are important to me) and this is what I found. Of course there are other Sony lenses you could choose but I was trying to find comparable lenses. It is not exhaustive but simply the dimensions of lenses that can be compared (focal length and dof):

Lens type: 12-24mm (ff) / 8-16mm (Aps-c)
Sony fe = 12-24 f4
Fuji x = 8-16 f2.8 (12-24 f4.2)

1. Sony fe 117mm + 565g; 2. Fuji x 122mm + 805g

Lens type: 24-70mm (ff) / 16-50 (Aps-c)
Sony fe = 24-70 f4
Fuji x = 16-55 f2.8 (24-84 f4.2)

1. Sony fe 95mm + 430g; 2. Fuji x 106mm + 655g

Lens type: 70-200mm (ff) / 50-140mm (Aps-c)
Sony fe = 70-200 f4
Fuji x = 50-140 f2.8 (75-200 f4.2)

1. Sony fe 175mm + 840g; 2. Fuji x 176mm + 995g

Lens type: 24mm (ff) / 16mm (Aps-c)
Sony fe = 24 f1.4 or samyang 24 f2.8
Fuji x = 16 f1.4 (24 f2.1) or 16 f2.8 (24 f4.2 - soon)

Not really comparable.

Lens type: 28mm (ff) / 18-9mm (Aps-c)
Sony fe = 28 f2
Fuji x = 18 f2 (27 f3)

Not comparable.

Lens type: 35mm (ff) / 23-4mm (Aps-c)
Sony fe = 35 f2.8 
Fuji x = 23 f1.4 (35 f2.1) is not comparable so 23 f2 (35 f3)

1. Sony fe 37mm + 120g; 2. Fuji x 52mm + 180g

Lens type: 40mm (ff) / 27-8mm (Aps-c)
Sony fe = Zeiss Batis 40 f2
Fuji x = 27 f2.8 (41 f4.2)

Not comparable.

Lens type: 50mm (ff) / 33mm (Aps-c)
Sony fe = 50 f1.8 
Fuji x = 35 f1.4 (53 f2.1)

1. Fuji 50mm + 187g; 2. Sony Fe 69mm + 186g

Lens type: 85mm (ff) / 56-7mm (Aps-c)
Sony fe = 85 f1.8
Fuji x = 56 f1.2 (85 f1.8)

1. Fuji 70mm + 405g; 2. Sony Fe 82mm + 371g

You could debate the last two of those as one is shorter but heavier and the other longer and lighter.

Conclusion: it's close but Sony has smaller and lighter lenses overall. And people do complain about the 1.4 fuji lenses being slow to auto focus but I haven't tried them to compare

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