Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

knoxphoto wrote:

IMO Fuji does have the best OOC colors. Color grading is not subjective, it's color science. I've shot extensively with both systems, over 2,000 hours of editing, let me know when you get there.

Honestly it also kinda depends on the taste. Fuji colors have this filmic, cinematic feel to them but I honestly have never liked Fuji skin tone, Fuji skin tone has always looked....boring and dead, it lacks the vibrance and richness of Canon skin tone and the A7III.

On Par? Have you carried around a bag full of Sony glass? The Fuji lenses (with the exception of the pro zooms) are lighter in weight than the Sony counterparts. Source? I have 6 G-master lenses sitting on my desk in front of me and I've owned 9 Fuji X lenses.

Fuji fast glasses are comparable Sony f1.8 glasses and they're around the same size and weight.

Fuji's version of 50mm f1.4 is actually way bigger than the Zeiss 50mm f1.4.

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