Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Zefah wrote:

knoxphoto wrote:

ES is always going to have distortion with moving objects,

Not with the A9.

Of course it does.  As above its something equivalent to 1/160 in scanning, not instantaneous.

That means that the distortion that is there is less likely to be noticeable / problematic than when using an A7III scanning at more like 1/30 or the XT-3 scanning at 1/60.

Someone more willing to apply their brain could presumably work out precisely what speed would mean that there was less than a pixel of movement from top to bottom - but I expect that is a pretty slow speed.

The A9 is still (AFAIAA in this kind of class of camera) the camera least likely to have distortion that you can notice / be bothered by - but physics says it isn't distortion free.

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