Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

biza43 wrote:

knoxphoto wrote:

If you want lightweight bodies and lenses, excellent color without grading, and easy to use controls and menus, you want the Fuji system.

As with all generalizations, this is not correct. In terms of weight, say a Fuji XT or XPro camera is on par with Sony A7III, for example. There are both heavy and light lenses on both sides as well. As for easy or not easy menus, it's simply a matter of familiarity. After 3 years of using Sony A7 cameras, I have no problems with the menus.

Returning to an XPro after 4 years has been a steep learning curve for me.

Colour grading? Again, subjective, and depends on the entire workflow being used.

IBIS benefits are minimal unless you are using the native lenses for both systems.

Again, not in my experience. I am used to shoot with IBIS on my Sony A7II at 1/10 sec and 50mm lens and get sharp results. With the Xpro2 and 23 f2 lens, not quite the same results...

No, Fuji does not (yet) have the color fidelity built into their color profiles for professional level grading. The Fuji "F" log is good when graded, but not yet on par with the color profile Log customization and cine-profiles of the current Sony line up. IMO Fuji does have the best OOC colors. Color grading is not subjective, it's color science. I've shot extensively with both systems, over 2,000 hours of editing, let me know when you get there.

On Par? Have you carried around a bag full of Sony glass? The Fuji lenses (with the exception of the pro zooms) are lighter in weight than the Sony counterparts. Source? I have 6 G-master lenses sitting on my desk in front of me and I've owned 9 Fuji X lenses.

Sony menus suck, they always have. Only engineers and nihilists enjoy them.

IBIS is great for non-moving subjects.

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